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How To Work Your Way Up The Management Chain

April 12, 2015

management positionLet’s say you want to be promoted to a management position. So you work hard and exceed everyone’s expectations. Do you get promoted? Probably not.

To get promoted to management, you have to do all the stereotypical things: kiss ass, smooze and booze, etc. Doing a good job isn’t enough.

Why isn’t doing a good job enough? Because it is expected of everyone to do a good job. That’s why they hired you. So if you met deadlines, performed well, went above and beyond expectations, the only reward for that is a slightly bigger raise or bonus at the end of the year. Good job performance doesn’t really mean a promotion. You’re not the only one doing a good job. Almost everyone else at the company is doing a decent job.

What you need to do is expose yourself to upper management. This means you need to be known by your bosses and your bosses’ bosses. You just have to be where your bosses are. Here are some ways to create more exposure:

  • Invite people in upper management to have a luxurious lunch or dinner with you.
  • Go to all the company sponsored functions like happy hour, parties, charity events, etc.
  • Join company committees or groups.
  • Throw parties of your own and invite people.
  • Just be more social. Continue 

What Can We Learn from Old School Traditionalists?

April 12, 2015

respecting old school traditional thinkingThere are currently four generations we classify people in the workforce today:

The traditionalists: Born 1922-1945.

Baby boomers: Born 1945-1960.

Generation X: Born 1960-1980.

Millennials: 1980-2000.

Due to certain events and culture, each generation shaped the people in it. Each generation has both good and bad characteristics, some are living well, others not so much. This entry focuses on the traditionalists.


10 Points on Good Body Language

April 12, 2015


881_interview-body-languageWe all know of the statistic: 92% of our communication is nonverbal. A majority of that 92% is body language. Wait, what!? That should make you think twice about how you come across to others. Whether you are in a business meeting or in a position to relax your body, the way you present yourself is key.

I’ve been working on my body language for a long time. It’s not perfect, but it gets the job done. Growing up a shy, insecure boy left me with almost no opportunities in college (in romantic life and job life). After being unemployed for a bit, I decided to t improve my soft skills.


Workplace Romance is Hazardous To Your Work Life

April 12, 2015

office romanceI was watching the The Office (US version) one day, and I realized how much office romance goes on in that show. I knew it’s a fictional TV show, but that show was a social commentary on what goes on at today’s offices. I also read an article saying that about 40% of the workers had an office romance.

After college, single people have limited options on finding a date. They spend most of their time at work and less time on learning how to do social media, digital marketing and other self promotional strategies the right way. So it’s logical that people find their love at their workplace. Is that a good idea? Most of the time, the answer is no.


How to Get a Job When You Are Desperate

April 12, 2015

get a job uncle samI used this method when finding a job. This is not a magic bullet, and it might not work for you. But if you want to find a job, you need to take aggressive steps. Finding a job can be a job itself. So if you’re stuck, try out these steps.

1. Create your resume. I might do a longer entry on how to create resumes, but just follow these guidelines:

  • Spam your resume with keywords.
  • Make your resume look professional
  • Get everyone—especially people with jobs—to look at your resume and critique it.


Is It Better To Be A Jack Of ALL Trades Or A Specialist?

April 12, 2015

Jack-of-All-TradesWhat should you strive to be? A Jack of all trades or a specialist? Which will help you in your life and career? First, let’s describe what they are.

Jack of all trades: The common phrase is, “Jack of all trades and master of none.” This means they are competent with a bunch of things. They can wear many hats and solve all sorts of problems. They may not know as much as the specialist but have a great understanding in many areas.